Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is why Hogwarts Legacy didn't get Quidditch DLC

harry potter quidditch champions is why hogwarts legacy didnt get dlc
Credit: Warner Bros.

harry potter quidditch champions is why hogwarts legacy didnt get dlc
Credit: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions for consoles and PC, centring solely on the fictional sport. While fans are excited for the upcoming free-to-play game, it also explains why Quidditch wasn't in Hogwarts Legacy, even though a number of the characters and players were itching to play it.

Seeing a brand-new Quidditch game come out of nowhere is quite the shocker for many a Potter fan, but we doubt they’re complaining. As if the announcement wasn’t exciting enough, the game’s official website is also taking signups for an upcoming playtest.

The official Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions FAQ confirms several things about the game, including how its an online-only multiplayer title. Obviously, that’s less egregious than Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League since that game has single-player. Beyond that, it’s not yet known which consoles it will come out on, though a PC release has been confirmed.

Many were hoping that Quidditch would be available in Hogwarts Legacy post-launch, possibly as paid DLC. However, we now know that this game based on the fictional sport has been in development for several years, so Hogwarts Legacy not having Quidditch was always the plan.

We imagine that developing Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions as a separate multiplayer game was easier than shoehorning it in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as being more profitable. That being said, it is annoying how multiple characters bring up missing Quidditch, only for it to be a completely separate game.

It will be interesting to see how Quidditch Champions fares once the game is available for everyone. Fans of the sixth generation of gaming will remember Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, the first game to be centred on this fictional sport. We’re interested in seeing just how they improve on that older title.

As of this writing, no release date for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been announced. In the meantime, fans can purchase Hogwarts Legacy for that Harry Potter magic.

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