Happy Accidents AI image service closes down after not making any money

happy accidents ai service closes due to lack of income
Credit: Happy Accidents

happy accidents ai service closes due to lack of income
Credit: Happy Accidents


  • Happy Accidents AI image service shuts down
  • The service is shutting down due to the lack of money coming in
  • Will more AI image services follow?

Happy Accidents, an AI image generation service, has announced that they will be shutting down on May 9th due to a lack of income. With most tech users not being a fan of AI, this is a huge win for artists everywhere and we hope more of them close down.

Environment artist Alex Bertram-Powell shared on Twitter that the AI service will be shutting down, as per the group’s Discord. A representative thanks users for their support, but said that they have been losing money for a while, which is why the service will be closing.

There is an “End of Life” plan to ensure that anyone with Happy Accidents will be able to make AI images elsewhere in the future. We’re not sure why anyone would want to do that, but much like how some people don’t want to pick up pencils, even less want to use their cameras or laptops.

Anyone familiar with these AI image services know that these have been around for a few years now and are used to lazily make art. Despite looking visually impressive at first, it usually doesn’t take too long before anyone starts noticing any flaws. If an image looks AI-like to you, always make sure to look at the hand or feet in the image, as well as the anatomy and backgrounds.

Despite a general consensus of disliking AI services like Happy Accidents, this type of “art” still has a weird following. Some fans recently made an AI short film with Sora, an AI service, even if it’s filled with uncanny valley-like faces that will freak people out.

Most people will remember the AI image controversy that came when people made disgusting pictures of pop star Taylor Swift. This received a ton of coverage and many artists were hoping it would lead to the end of AI art. We’re not there yet, but it should be coming soon.

The Happy Accidents AI service will soon be gone. Who’s next? We’ll wait and see.

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