GTA 6 release date hint causes Take Two stocks to skyrocket

gta 6 release date hint characters from gta 4, gta 5, and gta san andreas

gta 6 release date hint characters from gta 4, gta 5, and gta san andreas

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It's the time of year when lots of companies produce financial reports and we get to learn all kinds of interesting facts and tidbits, like the fact that Sega wants to charge you $70 for Sonic games now. But nothing has been as burning in gamers' minds as GTA 6, which has had its release date hinted at, causing the stock market to go bananas.

So what's all the fuss about then? The Take-Two financial report, for one. It reveals that the company increased its net revenue by 52.6% over the last year to a whopping $5.35 billion.

Take-Two, of course, owns Rockstar Games, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series. And alongside the financial report, they teased the GTA 6 release date in a press release, saying that they expect to launch several "ground-breaking" titles in the 2025 fiscal year (thanks to IGN's Rebekah Valentine for spotting it).

With that statement, many are now inferring that GTA 6 is one of the big games coming down the pipe. This has, in turn, caused the Take-Two stock price to jump around 10% overnight, as investors vote with their money.

The fiscal year generally runs from autumn to spring, so if this ground-breaking title is indeed GTA 6, as the internet is speculating, we can expect it to come out in the winter holiday season of 2024.

Bear in mind that the company also states that there will be more than one of these prominent games coming out, so one of them has to be GTA 6. This is speculation right now, but it's a strong possibility based on the company's past behaviour.

It's been around a decade since the launch of GTA 5, and ever since the popularity of the game's online mode has only gone up, with gamers role playing and spending on microtransactions.

When the GTA 6 release date final gets announced, you can expect the stock price to shoot even higher if this behaviour is anything to go by.

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