Gray Zone Warfare Has Sold 400k Copies After Two Days in Early Access

gray zone warfare has already sold 400k copies
Credit: MADFINGER Games

gray zone warfare has already sold 400k copies
Credit: MADFINGER Games


  • Gray Zone Warfare has already sold 400k copies
  • The game has only been in Early Access for a few days
  • Expect this shooter to sell more

Gray Zone Warfare has captured the hearts of many, with the multiplayer shooter now selling 400,000 copies and the game has been out for a few days. This is a monumental achievement for something new, and in Early Access no less, so we won’t be surprised if the game sells even more soon.

On Twitter, the game’s official account confirmed that it was able to sell 400k copies on its second day of Early Access. For a new IP this is a rare sight to see and we’re sure that the developers are ecstatic about the news.

“We're speechless! In just day 2 of Early Access, we've welcomed 400,000 PMCs to Lamang Island,” said the post. “Your support is beyond incredible. Thank you, everyone! Let's keep pushing forward together, and always remember, #EveryMoveMatters.”

Considering how popular Gray Zone Warfare currently is, we’re sure the game will sell even more in the next few weeks or months. Fans never get sick of a good multiplayer shooter and this game is a good example of that, as it doesn’t reinvent the wheel but still plays well.

That’s not to say fans have no complaints with this multiplayer shooter, as they have complained quite a bit. Fans found out the hard way that there are no stealth options in the game, making a weapon like the knife seem useless in the long run. Performance could also be better, as players are still looking for ways to improve it on their computers.

Despite some of its issues, many gamers are seeing Gray Zone Warfare as their current favorite multiplayer shooter, with some fans using it as an Escape from Tarkov replacement. While there are still plenty of fans who enjoy playing Tarkov in its entirety, recent issues with PvE have made players change their minds.

Gray Zone Warfare is currently available on Steam as part of Early Access. No date for the game’s official release has been announced, but that’s expected to come out eventually.

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