Gray Zone Warfare Players Want More Stealthy Options

gray zone warfare fans want stealth kills
Credit: MADFINGER Games, a.s.

gray zone warfare fans want stealth kills
Credit: MADFINGER Games, a.s.


  • Gray Zone Warfare has no stealth kills and players want some
  • The lack of stealth options make weapons like the knife feel pointless
  • Since the game is in Early Access, fans are hoping this eventually gets patched in

Gray Zone Warfare is a new multiplayer shooter everyone is enjoying, but fans do wish there were some stealth options for some variety. At the time of writing, it seems that the only way to kill other players in the shooter is through shooting or stabbing upfront.

On the game’s subreddit, user cyber_cholo6 said that they want the game to add some stealth kills for some instant satisfaction. The player shows how they try to sneak up on someone, only to have the knife do basic damage instead of bonus stealth damage.

Because there’s no proper stealth options in Gray Zone Warfare, many fans are calling the knife next to useless for most sessions in the game. While players can use the knife for some quick damage, it’s not going to replace using a gun in the shooter anytime soon.

Lack of stealth options aside, there is a lot to like about this new multiplayer shooter, especially for those burned by Escape from Tarkov. That game locks a PvE mode behind a special edition, while Gray Zone allows players to fight each other immediately. Sure, this is a paid game, but comparing $35 to the special edition that’s over $200, this is a huge improvement.

Gray Zone Warfare just launched on Early Access and it gained quite the fanbase, with the shooter already having over 10,000 reviews. The shooter isn’t perfect right now, as is the case with most games on Early Access, but that means there will be plenty of room for improvement. Fans are still trying to improve the game’s framerate and a number of other issues, but those should get fixed in the long run.

Fans can pick up Gray Zone Warfare right now on Steam, though the shooter is still in Early Access. Even with that, it seems that numerous gamers are really getting into the multiplayer shooter, so those wanting something new should consider picking them up.

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