Google drone delivery shut down because ravens constantly beat them up

As far as tech companies go, Google is regarded as one of the smartest. It has the most used search engine, it has the most open mobile operating system. The company is so smart that millions have forgotten it removed “don't be evil” from its code of conduct. However, Google just can't beat birds.

Google drone delivery shut down in Australia

Reported by The Canberra Times, Google’s drone delivery service Wing has shut down due to continuous bird attacks. While the service has operated in the area since 2019, a recent surge of Raven attacks have recently taken to destroying the drones.

Wing’s drones won the first day of fighting as the drone blades harmed multiple ravens. However, quick learning and cunning has resulted in two ravens learning to avoid the drones’ blades. Since then, the bird duo has been destroying drones carrying items in the area.

As a result, Wing has shut down operations in the Canberra area for the time being. A spokesperson revealed that “service will be temporarily paused for a small number of our customers”. The spokesperson continued:

“In the tens of thousands of deliveries we’ve made to homes in Australia this year, instances of direct contact with birds have been extremely rare. [However,] in the unlikely event that a bird makes direct contact with our drone... [there are failsafes] to ensure we can continue to fly safely”.

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Why are they attacking?

It’s not currently known why the local ravens are attacking Google drone deliveries after years of operation. However, one theory believes the ravens are particularly territorial due to mating season. It's not unbelievable for the birds to see the loud, flying coffee delivery as a threat. Furthermore, the birds could just be temperamental little s**ts.

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