This Golden Girls JRPG puts America’s Moms in a huge Persona adventure

An image of the Golden Girls JRPG “The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX”

An image of the Golden Girls JRPG “The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX”

Betty White may be gone, but her legacy lives on, not only with decades of work but also a new Golden Girls JRPG. Designed in the same vein as Atlus’ beloved Persona franchise, the new video game is a hilarious take on the iconic American sitcom.

Dubbed The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX, the new fan game has been in development for five years. Developed by game dev and Twitter user Mechazawa, the new game is a comedic follow-up to a series that ended over 30 years ago.

Set in 1992, the final year of the TV series, the video game is an incredibly impressive fan project. Not only does the title feature fantastic 2D artwork for its visual novel segments, but also full 3D graphics, an open-world and a battle system.

Designed as a Persona-like game, the Golden Girls JRPG even features a calendar-style system that takes you day-to-day through its story. If it’s a complete Persona parody, expect a social system for making friends as well.

In the game’s first trailer, you can see a brilliantly chaotic Golden Girls JRPG dripping in parodic style. You can see Betty White battling an army of clowns, armed with the same magic skills you’d expect to use as Persona 5’s Joker.

Currently, there’s no concrete release date for the Golden Girls JRPG. However, it is scheduled to launch later this year on PC and Mac. The best news? It’s going to be completely free, which is the best way to avoid a copyright notice from ABC. (At the time of writing, the game’s official Twitter bio says: “Please don’t sue us.”)

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It’s rare that we ever see a fan game with this much polish and scope behind it. Well, outside of Pokémon or Sonic, that is. However, Mechazawa’s new fan project not only looks like a hilarious take on the source material, but also a damn good Persona-like game in its own right. Now, please let us take Betty White skateboarding, please!

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