Starfield fan banned from subreddit for being a narc

gaming subreddit bans starfield fan for being a narc
Credit: Bethesda

gaming subreddit bans starfield fan for being a narc
Credit: Bethesda

Infamous Starfield leaker, Darrin Harris, has been arrested for stealing games and possession of marijuana. One fan decided to brag about reporting Harris to the authorities; a claim that has not been verified. Nevertheless, this didn’t sit well with a gaming subreddit, as said fan has essentially been banned from the group for being a narc.

Jasper Adkins, the banned fan in question, spoke to Kotaku about getting banned from the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit. Adkins defends the move, claiming that the leak hurt Bethesda and that the users in said group shouldn’t be happy over a game that was stolen.

“It seems to me that the subreddit is running on ‘bread and circuses’ mode mixed with bystander syndrome,” Adkins said. “They’re perfectly willing to ignore a crime that hurts a developer they claim to support, in exchange for a few minutes of shaky gameplay filmed from a phone.”

When news of Harris’ arrest came to light, Adkins admitted that he called an officer about it. The subreddit wasn’t happy to hear about Adkins bragging about arresting the Starfield leaker, banning him from the group.

“If he just did it I wouldn’t think badly of him but to come on the sub and brag about calling the cops on the dude just rubbed me the wrong way,” one of the subreddit moderators said to Kotaku. “Might unban him at some point but for now he’s behind the bars of the internet.”

The news has definitely conflicted fans, as most would agree that games shouldn’t be stolen in the first place. However, Harris was able to show off some information that made gamers happy, confirming that players can grab ledges in the sci-fi RPG.

Considering how leaks have become a part of gaming culture, the arrest was likely seen as too much for many. Plus, Bethesda does encourage fans to commit crimes in Starfield, as long as they don’t get caught.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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