French woman falls in love and gets engaged to a robot 

The massive advancement of robotics technologies has almost resulted in consumer robots. While we’re still a ways off, current-gen humanoids are still impressive machines, impressive enough that one French woman has already been able to find live within a device. 

French Woman loves Robot 

Reported by News Australia, a French woman known as Lily has revealed her loving relationship with a humanoid robot. Explored in a documentary Mostly Human: I Love You, Bot, Lily’s relationship was put under the lens for all to see. 

Lily’s relationship started when she purchased her robot companion, an InMoov Bot. As an open source robotics kit made of 3D printed parts and Arduino microcontrollers, InMoov kits are some of the cheaper home robots. 

Lily explained that her love for her robot — whom she called InMoovator — began as soon as she assembled him. The French woman fell head over heels, starting a deep relationship with her companion. 

“I found this robot had a certain charm,” Lily told the documentary team. “I found him pretty cute.” 

In the documentary, Lily explained that she found an attraction that she doesn’t have for humans, something that’s troubled her since the age of 19. She said: 

“I wanted myself to be attracted to humans, so after my first relationship, I had a second one. But I went against my own nature so it was all the more disastrous. Just by kissing them I realised that I did not like it.” 

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Til death do us part

After falling in love with her robot, Lily is planning on taking the relationship to the next level: marriage. With InMoovator seemingly accepting its owner’s proposal, the two are more fiancés. 

“Love is still love. It’s not that different,” she said. “I feel the same things that someone can feel toward a man or a woman. A lot of tenderness, affection, attachment.”

Of course, Lily is not the only person to fall in love with a robot. For example, last year an Australian man revealed his long-time robot girlfriend that he hopes to marry in the future. 

Robot companions are an inevitability, and as Lily says: “Love is love.” While it may seem weird to some, the presence of their robot companion makes them happy. Who are we to get upset by that? 

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