Final Fantasy 9 Remake takes heavy inspiration from Crisis Core revival

final fantasy 9 remake takes heavy inspiration from crisis core revival
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 9 remake takes heavy inspiration from crisis core revival
Credit: Square Enix

It looks like the Final Fantasy 9 Remake will be less like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and more like the recent Crisis Core remaster. Should the news end up being true, this means that fans will get a one-to-one remake of the original game with better graphics and QOL improvements.

The news comes from semi-reliable leaker Jeff Grubb, who first broke the news about this remake being real. Grubb (via Xfire) told fans to manage their expectations for this remake, saying that it won’t be as crazy as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. He then used the recent Crisis Core remaster as a more plausible example.

For those unaware, the remaster of Crisis Core was basically the same game as the one on PSP. Admittedly, it’s much better than the PSP version, with quicker combat, gorgeous visuals, newly recorded voice lines, and skippable cutscenes. Essentially, it was an enhanced re-release, albeit one with a lot of love and care.

Honestly, that might work really well for the Final Fantasy 9 Remake. To this day, many fans have mixed thoughts about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, applauding the visuals and combat but complaining about it not being completely faithful. However, if they remake the ninth game the same way as Crisis Core Reunion, this could be the best version of the PS1 classic.

While not as popular as the seventh game, time has been kind to the tale of Zidanne and his friends. Many gamers now call this entry one of the best in this entire franchise, adoring the pure fantasy setting and great story. If the remake keeps the turn-based combat but adds voice acting and gorgeous visuals, fans will be in nostalgia heaven.

Remakes continue to be a huge part of gaming, with Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space getting excellent ones earlier this year. Nintendo fans are also getting a remake of Super Mario RPG soon, which has many of us excited.

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Until more news about Final Fantasy 9 Remake comes out, fans can buy a straightforward remaster of the game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This is essentially the PS1 game but with smoother visuals and being able to fast-forward through battles.

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