Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project raises expectations for rumoured remake

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final fantasy 9 memoria project raises expectations for rumoured remake
Credit: Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project/Square Enix

Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project looks like an amazing fan tribute and something to tide fans over until the remake comes out. With beautiful visuals reminiscent of an animated film, it has us hoping Square Enix’s remake looks this good.

The fans working on Memoria Project revealed 25 minutes of their tribute and its a beautiful video. Capturing those opening minutes of the PlayStation classic, it makes us remember just how much we love this particular entry.

According to , over 50 developers have been working on this for three years. It’s really impressive stuff and makes us wish Square Enix would hire some of the developers from this team for their long-rumoured remake.

At the time of writing, Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project is not playable for fans of the game, and there’s no news on whether it will be playable in the future. However, it’s still a beautiful treat for fans.

Rumours of the Final Fantasy 9 remake continue to dominate the online space, making us hope it eventually gets revealed. Memoria Project isn’t meant to be a replacement for that, something the devs have said themselves, but it is making us impatient for the real thing.

Some publishers can be pretty stingy with their IPs and we hope Square Enix doesn’t take this down. This demo doesn’t seem to be an indication of a fan game being made and that should keep them safe from any DMCA takedowns, hopefully.

Just to play devil’s advocate, Square Enix are pretty busy with other projects in this popular series. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been getting cryptic tweets, hinting that we will see something for it soon. There’s also Final Fantasy 16 coming out later this month and looking better every time new gameplay is shown.

Overall, we’re just excited to see this underrated JRPG get more love, especially if it comes as a full-blown remake. More fans are discovering and enjoying Zidane’s tale with Vivi, Steiner, Garnet, and everyone else. Hopefully, if this remake is true, the game will get even more love than it does now.


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Final Fantasy 9 can currently be enjoyed on most modern platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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