Far Cry 7 might be a Switch 2 launch title

far cry 7 might launch with switch 2
Credit: Ubisoft

far cry 7 might launch with switch 2
Credit: Ubisoft

Rumours and leaks regarding Far Cry 7 have been making their way online, spoiling the fact that Ubisoft has another open-world title to release. Interestingly, unlike previous entries, this might be the first one that comes to a Nintendo platform, with rumours claiming it will be a Switch 2 launch game.

Necro Felipe commented on some of the leaks regarding this Ubisoft franchise, claiming that Far Cry 7 will be a launch title for Switch 2. This shooter won’t be an exclusive, however, with the leaker saying that it will come out around the same time as other versions of the shooter.

Believe it or not, the only Far Cry game to come out on a Nintendo system was Far Cry Vengeance for the Wii. This was a remake of Far Cry Instincts: Evolution, which was sort of an Xbox demake of the original PC release. Since then, we haven’t seen any of the Far Cry games come to a Nintendo system.

Despite the lack of Far Cry titles, Nintendo and Ubisoft have had a pretty good relationship throughout the years. Various Nintendo systems were home to games like Rayman, Assassin’s Creed, and Prince of Persia. Their collaboration also led to the acclaimed Mario + Rabbids series, with the most recent entry, Sparks of Hope, not selling as well as Ubisoft wanted.

A leaker talks about Far Cry 7 on the Switch 2.
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Credit: Necro Felipe (Twitter)

The public reception to Far Cry should be interesting, as many gamers have felt some fatigue over the series. Fans have made some unique mods of these games, including an upcoming Far Cry 6 VR mod, but most will agree that there are too many entries and they all play similarly.

Intriguingly, Far Cry 7 might break away from the traditional Far Cry formula, at least if the rumours are true. Apparently, the player’s family will be kidnapped and they will have to save them within 24 hours. Players won’t have time to roam around or explore as they try to save the family as quickly as possible, which is strikingly similar to Capcom’s Dead Rising games.

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At the time of writing, no release date for Far Cry 7 has been announced. Based on the rumours we’ve seen thus far, the Switch 2 should be able to handle it.

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