Fan-made Starfield Bible hits 1000 pages of in-depth information

fan-made starfield bible hits 1000 pages of in-depth information
Credit: Bethesda

fan-made starfield bible hits 1000 pages of in-depth information
Credit: Bethesda

The fan-made Starfield bible is even bigger now, thanks to Bethesda’s recent Gameplay Showcase confirming a ton of new details. Until a book about this game’s creation is released, this is the most comprehensive look at the sci-fi RPG thus far and it’s really impressive.

A Starfield fan by the alias Gokamo recently shared his massive creation to the game’s subreddit. The writer confirmed that the bible he made for this game has increased by 600 pages. Considering how this bible was already 400 pages long before, one can only imagine how comprehensive this thing is.

For those unfamiliar, the original bible went through everything about the game’s pre-release info dumps, from interviews to concept art, and the barebones trailers at the time. Now that Bethesda is actually trying to reveal more about the game, the bible became a lot more comprehensive.

Seeing all this excitement for Starfield continues to impress since it’s amazing to see all of this for one RPG. That’s the power of Bethesda games, as many fans continue to be mesmerized by the amount of freedom their RPGs have. Whether it’s the fantasy setting of Skyrim or the post-apocalypse in Fallout, these guys don’t miss.

In fairness to this fan and others, Bethesda has actually given fans plenty of reasons to get hyped for this RPG. Players can travel to various planets, raid spaceships, and just steal sandwiches if that’s what they want to do. Obviously, there’s a main story to follow but fans can just roleplay as themselves, going through the majesty that is space.

Granted, there are some fans who are mad that the game will only run at 30 FPS, but the amount of freedom makes up for that. Plus, this is a Bethesda game, and they are notorious for not performing well, which makes the 30 FPS limit impressive. Honestly, the fact that Bethesda has been able to coast on its writing and freedom alone is still amazing.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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