Starfield lets players do space business in addition to exploring and fighting

starfield lets players do space business in addition to exploring and fighting

starfield lets players do space business in addition to exploring and fighting

Starfield might be hyping up its exploration and combat but some fans are more interested in using the sci-fi RPG to run a successful space business. Bethesda has promised to give players a good amount of freedom in this RPG and some fans want to approach that freedom with business ethics.

A post from the game’s subreddit is excited about perks based on business, so they can try and sell items to all kinds of customers. The post also claims that they will try to sell some of the dumbest things they can, such as the obscene number of salami sandwiches that have crippled Starfield’s economy.

Naturally, this led to fans discussing what they would sell if they decide to pursue this video game career. Some fans want to keep selling dumb things, while others want a more exciting market that includes weapons and, uh, adult toys. Hopefully, the game gives them the needed items to fulfill this. If not, mods will.

Obviously, Starfield won’t be a business-centered video game because that would require too much programming. However, that doesn’t mean fans can’t have fun roleplaying in this world with whatever fictional moniker they want to play with. It should be a popular pastime with the hardcore Bethesda fans.

Most fans tend to play these Bethesda RPGs with their own stories, just like we’ve seen from Skyrim and Fallout. It’s just fun for some to explore this world with some kind of character in mind, similar to DnD, albeit in space or whatever setting Bethesda chooses. Some fans are already planning to make their own second season of Firefly and make the Prometheus ship.

Hopes are high for this RPG, with many agreeing that this can be the killer app for the Xbox brand. Sure, there are a few players who are too angry over 30 FPS but that’s hardly going to be a factor here.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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