Fallout New Vegas mod adds touching tribute to Matthew Perry

An image of the Matthew Perry memorial mod in Fallout New Vegas showing a gravestone with dedication to the late actor

The passing of Friends star Matthew Perry has been felt the world over, especially by fans of Obsidian’s 2011 RPG Fallout New Vegas. To celebrate the deceased actor, fans have added a touching tribute to the game in a new mod.

Alongside his iconic role as Chandler Bing (or Ms Chanandler Bong) in Friends, Matthew Perry was known for being the voice of antagonist Benny Gecko in Fallout New Vegas. After declaring his love of Fallout 3 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Perry was hired for the quickly-developed spin-off.

Fallout modder TunnelSnakesFool created the virtual tribute to Matthew Perry in a new mod called “For Matty - A Tribute to Matthew Perry”. The tribute adds a memorial gravestone for the actor in Goodsprings Cemetery.

“I created this mod to honor Matthew building a little memorial in Goodsprings Cemetery right behind where we first meet Benny in the game,” TunnelSnakesFool revealed. “I included a memorial with quotes from both Benny and Matthew that I thought suited him/the game. I also included a retextured Maria with a Friends theme, along with a note from Matty himself.”

The mod places a number of small items next to the memorial that players can have. There’s the same suit that Perry’s character Benny wears so players can match the character as well as a purple Maria handgun named “My Friend”.

Fallout New Vegas is the only video game that Perry was able to lend his voice to across his lengthy acting career. However, the actor was well known for his love of gaming as a medium, even in a time when it was mocked for being a child’s toy. (In fact, in Friends, Perry’s character often talks about and is seen playing video games such as the Sony PlayStation.)

Matthew Perry sadly passed away on October 28, 2023. Following his death, the Matthew Perry Foundation was started to help people struggling with addiction.

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