Facebook will rebrand next week because everyone hates Facebook

It’s fair to say that Mark Zuckerberg's social media empire Facebook is far from loved. A decade ago, the platform was seen as waning in popularity amid an aging userbase. Now, following reported political corruption, terrible moderation and plans to manipulate children, it's unpopularity has reached critical mass.

Facebook has been trying to improve its public image. The company has pushed to make CEO Mark Zuckerberg a public innovator. This comes alongside future plans for the company to shift away from social media and become a “metaverse”. The concept has not gone down with many. Those plans are coming sooner than later.

A complete Facebook rebrand is coming

Reported by The Verge, the upcoming rebrand will be announced at the company’s annual Connect conference on October 28th. However, the outlet revealed that the announcement could be rolled out earlier as tensions continue to rise.

The social media platform is expected to keep the well-known name. However, the blanket company that runs everything from Oculus to WhatsApp to Instagram will be renamed. The purpose behind this is to try and keep the company's high-stakes metaverse project from being stained by the Big Blue F.

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To Save Horizons

If Zuckerberg's plans go well, Facebook's popularity will no longer ride on its social media namesake. Instead, it will all ride on the success of its metaverse project, a project that will see the hiring of an additional 10,000 employees.

Tentatively titled Horizons, this project plans to make the dystopian realities of Ready Player One and Snow Crash a reality. However, current versions of the technology look just as bland and boring as you'd imagine.

This plan does make sense for the company. A Metaverse would combine a social media platform with the mixed reality research done by Reality Labs, aka Oculus. Additionally, a heavy focus on e-commerce will result in substantial profits if successful.

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