Facebook AI Ego4D wants to watch your entire life to help you find your keys

Amid worldwide concerns of artificial intelligence surveillance, a new Facebook AI plans to watch everything you do. Dubbed EGO4D, the AI program is trained to watch countless hours of first-person content to help you with everyday life.

Facebook AI Ego4D is designed to watch everything you ever do

Developed in partnership with Facebook Reality Labs, Ego4D has been trained on more than 3,205 hours of first-person video. These videos were captured through wearable cameras like Go Pros and, importantly, Facebook's Ray-Ban Stories.

The artificial intelligence software has been designed to watch and listen to users all day long. By doing so, Facebook hopes to give Ego4D an “episodic memory”. This would allow the software to remember things like where the user left their keys.

Additionally, the Facebook AI is being designed to predict what the user should be doing next. The example given sees the device giving the user the next steps for a recipe. However, in Facebook's Metaverse for Work, this could be used do inform the user on their next steps.

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A privacy nightmare

Facebook's smart glasses have already been criticised for repeating the same privacy mistakes as Google Glass. However, the introduction of an artificial intelligence program designed to watch everyone around you is even more concerning.

One feature of the Facebook AI is the ability to listen to and transcribe the conversations of people you wouldn't normally be able to hear. This could be an important accessibility tool for those who are hard of hearing. On the other hand, it could be used for spying.

This all comes down to consent. With services like Facebook's social media, you consent to having your data harvested, even if you don't read the terms and conditions. Outside of that, the general public is not consenting to being watched and listened to, even if one person does.

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