Excellent Bill and Ted games are being delisted soon

Bill and Ted games being delisted - Bill and Ted riding a phone booth

Bill and Ted games being delisted - Bill and Ted riding a phone booth

Bogus, dude! Ten months after its original release, the Bill & Ted collection of classic games is going to be delisted from both the Nintendo and PlayStation stores. No way the man is delisting the Bill and Ted games, we have to fight the power.

Released back in February 2023, the collection published by Limited Run Games contains two 8-bit titles - Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Portable Adventure. As the names might suggest, the first was released on NES, with the second being an exclusive title for the Nintendo Game Boy.

The CEO of Limited Run Games, Josh Fairhurst, confirmed on X that the collection is going to be delisted on January 1, 2024. This is because the company was given access to the IP for two years but, because of development taking more time than anticipated, this meant the collection has been on sale for less than a year.

The CEO also suggested that others might want to pick up this title for release in the future. Luckily, while the collection won't be available for purchase anymore, those players who already bought it are still able to redownload it with no issues.

But not so luckily, Fairhurst mentioned that there are other IPs expiring soon so that there might be more delisting incoming. While there were no additional details, it is a reminder to pick up any retro collection released by LRG that you might be interested in.

The classic series of 90s movies starring Bill and Ted, is luckily still available, starring Alex Winter and, more importantly, beloved internet and Cyberpunk 2077 star Keanu Reeves. The series was rebooted in 2020 with a third title, Bill and Ted Face the Music, which was fairly received by critics and audiences.

Still, we can't take this delisting passively and not do anything to prevent it. The most obvious course of action is going to Julius Caesar to see if he might want to fight with us against this injustice. Let's go back in time and ask him.

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