Byzantium fights back in Europa Univeralis IV's King of Kings DLC

Europa Universalis 4: map of Byzantium, 1444
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Europa Universalis 4: map of Byzantium, 1444
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Paradox is giving some much-needed love to Byzantium in their next DLC release for Europa Universalis 4. In the feature breakdown released earlier this week, a first look at some of Byzantium's new mechanics were shown by Paradox

One of the main features coming in King of Kings is a brand-new mission tree for Byzantium, which includes over 50 new missions for players to experience as they revive the empire to its former glory. New flavour and content are also coming for the Mamluks and the Persian region of the map in the DLC.

In Europa Universalis 4, Byzantium is a classic, fan-favourite starting nation for players looking to test their skills in Paradox's grand strategy game. With the nation starting on the mighty Ottoman's doorstep, Byzantium's days are numbered at the start of a campaign. To survive the early game, players have to make strong military alliances to stay afloat.

Europa Universalis 4: Diplomacy menu including the "Land a Pronoiar" decision
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Credit: Paradox Interactive
New Byzantium flavour mechanics

In order "to reflect the fading Empire's glorious past", Paradox will also be adding new flavour mechanics to Byzantium, including a new type of subject for the nation: the Pronoia. This subject type does not occupy a Diplomatic Relation, which means they won't interfere with existing military alliances, and the Pronoiar state gives a contribution to your Manpower and Sailors. Having a lot of Pronoiar states will now allow you to build a sizable army as Byzantium, and players may now find it easier to stand up to the Ottomans.

Additionally, new National Decisions will be added for Byzantium in King of Kings, allowing players to restore the Roman senate. Byzantium's estates have also been given a makeover, to better reflect Byzantium society at the start of the game.

Also in Paradox's feature breakdown for King of Kings, we got our first look at the new missions and mechanics coming to Persia and the Mamluks in Egypt. For the Mamluks, Paradox showcased the new "Export Grain" diplomatic option, which better reflects the impact of the Nile's fertility.

Meanwhile, for Persia, the role of Islam was showcased in shaping the future of the nation, with variable mission trees depending on whether you adopt Shia or Sunni Islam. The new Persian Influence mechanics were also highlighted, which enables Persia to influence its neighbours' culture type into Persian.

If you want to have a look at the new content coming in Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings for yourself, including all the new Byzantium mechanics, you can the feature breakdown below.

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