Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings release date and details

Concept art from Europa Universalis 4's King of Kings DLC, showing three men around a table, apparently scheming.

Concept art from Europa Universalis 4's King of Kings DLC, showing three men around a table, apparently scheming.

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Europa Universalis IV players have long requested that the Middle-Eastern area of the map receive some more love and attention. Now, that dream has been made a reality with the announcement of the latest DLC for the game. Join us as we run through everything there is to know about the Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings DLC, including information on the expansion's release date and the new content coming with it.

Right now, the Middle East of Europa Universalis 4 usually plays out the same way every time. Sat on the Ottoman's doorstep, it's basically guaranteed to be swallowed whole by the 'sick man of Europe.'

Additionally, playing as Byzantium is a classic challenge for Europa Universalis 4 players wanting to test their skills in the game, with the former empire on the brink of extinction at the game's start date. Therefore, it's great news that Paradox is seeking to expand and develop these two regions of the game.

Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings release date

King of Kings has been given a confirmed release date, meaning we know we'll gain access to the DLC. The expansion will be released on November 6, 2023, on all available PC platforms.

Currently, you can pre-order the King of Kings DLC for £12.79 if you want access as soon as the DLC releases. Plenty of content is promised in King of Kings, and we'll dissect everything that has been released on the expansion down below.

(left to right) A red banner, a green banner, and a yellow banner
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Credit: Paradox Tinto

Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings trailer

Opening the trailer, we bear witness to the reveal of three banners. Each of these represents the areas of the map that are being revamped in the King of Kings DLC. The red, left-most banner is that of Byzantium, a formerly great empire, that now only controls a few provinces in what is now known as Greece and Anatolia.

To the right flies the yellow banner of the Mamluks, a large faction who control the north coast of Egypt and a fair portion of the Middle East. The Mamluks start as one of the stronger factions in the game, so their reworking will be of interest to many players. Lastly, the green flag in the centre is the banner of the Safavid Dynasty, the family who united Persia under the reign of Ismael I.

Later in the trailer, we see desolate fortresses, with soldiers rising from the ashes. The trailer narration talks of embers turning to a flame, and the return to power of a formerly great region, setting out the premise of the content we can expect to witness in the King of Kings DLC.

You can check out the King of Kings DLC pre-order trailer for Europa Universalis 4 down below.

Everything we know about Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings

Similar to fellow Paradox title, Crusader Kings 3, Europa Universalis 4's King of Kings immersive expansion will also be expanding upon the Middle-East region of the game. Many different states will be affected by the changes coming in the DLC, with new mission trees, government types, estate privileges, and more coming to the Persian region of the map.

Additionally, there'll also be new "flavourful" units added to the game, to better represent the Persian nations as their armies traverse the map. These new unit designs will be visible in both land and naval units. All-in-all, 32 new unit models are promised, as well as 12 new songs for the game's soundtrack.

Moreover, over 170 new historical events will make their way to Europa Universalis 4 in King of Kings. Such events include the rise of Ismail I of Persia, the founder of the Safavid Dynasty, as well as papal ecumenical councils over the future of Byzantium.

Tattered flag flying in the desert
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Credit: Paradox Tinto

King of Kings DLC new mission trees

In King of Kings, we know that each of the states listed below is confirmed to be getting new or expanded mission trees. If you're wondering if King of Kings is worth buying, check out this list for any new and different playthroughs you might like to try.

  • The Mamluks
  • Byzantium
  • Arabia Minors
  • Yemeni Nations
  • Kingdom of Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Aq Qoyunlu
  • Qara Qoyunlu
  • Persia (not present in 1444)

Thanks to Paradox's Feature Breakdown for the King of Kings DLC, we've been able to have a look at the unique mission trees coming to some nations. We now know that Persia will have different sets of missions, depending on whether you adopt Shia or Sunni Islam, while the Safavids have a much more powerful mission tree at the start of the game, with Paradox recognising their role in the original reformation of Persia.

In the trailer, we also got a look at the new flavour mechanics for nations such as Byzantium, the Mamluks, and Persia, as well as new flavour mechanics coming to these nations. These include: a new subject type for Byzantium, called "Pronoiars"; the new "Export Grain" diplomatic option for the Mamluks; and a new Persian Influence mechanic for the Persian Empire, allowing them to influence their neighbours' culture.

That's all we have for Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings' upcoming release. For more on the latest titles coming out soon, we've got all the info on the upcoming Crusader Kings 3's Legacy of Persia, as well as everything you need to know about The Valiant. We've also got the release date and details for Paradox's Life by You.

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