Epic's Unreal Tournament series is officially cursed

epic unreal tournament series is officially cursed
Credit: Epic Games

epic unreal tournament series is officially cursed
Credit: Epic Games

All hope for Epic’s Unreal Tournament franchise are gone, as the company has quietly canceled the Unreal Tournament 3 re-release after a number of failed releases.Though not as popular as it once was, hardcore gamers crave to get back to the old-school shooter, but Epic won’t let them.

Revealed by Twitter user Wario64, Epic Games’ re-release isn’t joins the long list of cursed Unreal Tournament projects. Instead of just claiming the news, the gamer shared an update from ProtonDB, showing the game isn’t being worked on.

Many fans are disappointed, as they were hoping to get into Unreal Tournament again. Epic’s original announcement claimed that the game would be completely free and have no micro payments whatsoever. Cross-play for the shooter was teased as well, though that clearly won’t be happening anymore.

There’s a good chance that we’ll eventually get an announcement from Epic Games and the company is simply removing necessities. Aspyr Media did the same before announcing that they wouldn’t be bringing the cut content DLC to Star Wars: KOTOR 2.

It just seems that Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament is eternally cursed as a new installment hasn’t been released in years. While it wouldn’t have been a new release, a free version of the third game with cross-play was tantilizing for many. Hopefully, the company gives this series a chance again since it did help start the multiplayer shooter craze.

Granted, it’s not like Epic is hurting for cash right now, as they are still publishing the most popular game on Earth. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of Fortnite but when you see cool crossover skins like the recent Spider-Verse collaboration, it’s hard not to admire it. While fans are pretty disappointed, Epic will move on and act like nothing happened.

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Players willing to give Epic Games a chance with anything other than Unreal Tournament can pick up Fortnite on pretty much every gaming system available.

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