Enshrouded is the next Palworld as millions back new survival game

The Enshrouded player character aiming a bow at two creatures raiding their base

Another breakout hit for PC gamers, Enshrouded has somehow managed to pull in one million users in just four days, despite the roaring success of Palworld.

While it lacks the Pokémon clone additions of Palworld, Enshrouded is another Valheim-like survival game on PC. You can craft gliders and make grappling hooks, build and repair weapons and even unlock skills for the various Enshrouded classes.

While there are a bunch of issues surrounding the game on PC, such as the Enshrouded Joining Game Failed error and the No Compatible Graphics Device issue, the game’s launch has gone very smoothly indeed.

Announced by developer Keen Games on Twitter, Enshrouded has managed to enamour over a million PC gamers in just four days. It’s far from the eight million players of PocketPair’s Palworld, but it’s still a phenomenal launch for a brand-new survival game.

“Enshrouded has reached OVER ONE MILLION PLAYERS!!,” the developer announced. “In just four days, Enshrouded has attracted over a million players. We are completely blown away by its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all our players.”

The team behind the new survival game explained that this is “just the beginning for Enshrouded”, teasing years of content updates in the bag. Keen Games explained that the team is “looking forward to continuing the development of the game” with the support of fans.

At the time of writing, Enshrouded is one of the top ten most played games on Steam, alongside Palworld. With over 160,000 concurrent players, the new survival game is being enjoyed by plenty of gamers across the world, even while it’s locked exclusively to PC. Of course, Palworld is currently at 1.8 million concurrents, but that game’s success is almost freakish.

Enshrouded is currently only available on PC via Steam. No plans for a console version have been revealed at time of publication.

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