How to fix Enshrouded "Joining Game Failed" error

Enshrouded "Joining Game Failed" error - An image of four character in the game in the wild

Enshrouded "Joining Game Failed" error - An image of four character in the game in the wild

If you are encountering the frustrating "Joining Game Failed" error in Enshrouded while trying to join a server and play with friends, you are not alone. But, fret not. This guide is tailored for players like you, who are eager to dive back into the game but are hindered by this common connectivity issue.

We understand how annoying this can be, especially when you're all set for a gaming session with friends. Besides this server-related hiccup, Enshrouded players often face other technical challenges, such as the "No compatible graphics device found" error, which can disrupt also your gaming experience.

In this guide, we'll walk you through various tried-and-tested solutions to fix the "Joining Game Failed" error and touch upon other common issues, so you can return to your adventure without any more interruptions. While you are here, check out how to craft String and get Resin in the game.

How to fix the "Joining Game Failed" error in Enshrouded

To the "Joining Game Failed" error in Enshrouded, request the server admin to use a simpler password format. Numerous Reddit users have tested and confirmed the effectiveness of this method in fixing the server joining error.

Specifically, ask the person hosting the server to avoid using special characters, numbers, and uppercase letters. For instance, suggest using a straightforward password like "snack" instead of more complex ones like "snack123" or "Sn@ack."

In case the problem continues, another solution suggested by a Reddit user is to verify the integrity of the game files on Steam. This approach resolved the server joining issue in Enshrouded for them and could be beneficial for you too.

If all else fails, try having your friend send you an invite to join, instead of attempting to join their session directly. This method has reportedly improved success rates in connecting, so it could be a viable alternative if other solutions don't work.

That covers everything about the "Joining Game Failed" error in Enshrouded. We hope you found it helpful. For more insights, check out our other Enshrouded guides, including how to get Flintstone and how to craft Glider.

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