Elon Musk confirms SpaceX Inspiration4 tourists had toilet “challenges”

The promise of SpaceX's tourist retreats to the great beyond are likened to that of a luxury cruise. Much like a cruise, there's not much to do up there but read a book, watch Spaceballs and look out the window. However, the Elon Musk space venture has run into one major issues: crap toilets.

Elon Musk confirms Inspiration4 had crap toilets

After being propelled into space at huge levels of thrust, you're going to need to eject some fluids out of your body. Whether that's a little bit of puke or a sh*t-load of sh*t, more likely than not something has to go.

Inspiration4 tourists encountered toilet “challenges” while aboard the first-ever civilian space journey. Unfortunately, the specific issues have not been explained for those who are extremely interested. However, by looking at a list of toilet issues, and by years of experience, we can guess.

NASA’s top-of-the-line space toilets use air flow to rip excrement away while you rip ass. In long space missions, urine is recycled for fresh drinking water. As NASA astronaut Jessica Meir puts it: “On ISS, today’s coffee is tomorrow’s coffee!”

Inspiration4 likely doesn't recycle bodily fluids as crew members are only in space for a few days at a time. However, knowing that space toilets rely on complex air flow systems to take care of waste, that all-important flow could've been the issue here.

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When responding to fans about the next steps for SpaceX’s civilian space travel, Elon Musk confirmed better toilets is at the top of the agenda. The SpaceX CEO exclaimed, “Definitely upgraded toilets. We had some challenges with it this flight.

The current Inspiration4 toilet does have some good points. Unfortunately, the only privacy people have is a small curtain. However, the bathroom is situated in a glass dome with a full look at the never-ending expanse of space. Must really be something to take in while you clog up the air pipe with your mistake.

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