SpaceX Inspiration4 tourist watched Spaceballs on return flight to Earth

The recent SpaceX Inspiration4 mission was a resounding success. Departing from Florida last Wednesday, the four-person all-civilian team landed at the Floridian Coast on Saturday. The quartet reportedly paid around $200 million for the three-day trip.

As the first all-civilian group to tour in Earth’s orbit, one might imagine the group would savour their first trip off-world. However, as it turns out, one SpaceX tourist treated the trip as if it was any other flight.

SpaceX Inspiration4 tourist watched Spaceballs

Spotted by Twitter user Owen Sparks, one of the Inspiration4 crew members passed the time by watching a classic parody film. During the craft’s return to Earth, passenger Christopher Sembroski watched 1987’s cult classic Spaceballs.

Just like a traditional airliner, Sembroski passed the time by enjoying a movie. However, unlike most in-flight movies, it was actually a good film. From orbit to splashdown, Sembroski watched the sci-fi film, likely to distract himself from the rapidly descending shuttle.

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Elon Musk just had to comment

Of course, Twitter-obsessed SpaceX CEO Elon Musk chimed in to make the conversation more about him. In response to Sembroski watching the sci-fi film, Musk explained that he also enjoys the 1987 Mel Brooks comedy.

“One of my favourite movies,” Musk chimed in.

Musk has referenced Space Balls in the past, a quick Google search will throw up a few results. For example, the Tesla model S Plaid’s product roadmap was designed at a reference to the sci-fi film. Why not?

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