Elon Musk mocks Jeff Bezos for having a few less billions than him while millions go hungry

There's nothing more annoying than a rich person flaunting their wealth. Well, actually, there’s always billionaire fanboys. Nevertheless, everyones least favourite Tesla employee, Elon Musk, has mocked everyones least favourite Lex Luthor wannabe on Twitter.

Elon Musk tells Bezos he's in second place

After a Bloomberg report revealed that Tesla “Technoking” Elon Musk is richer than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the recently separated Musk decided to flaunt his wealth on Twitter. Bloomberg revealed that Musk's met worth has ballooned up to $222 billion. In comparison, Bezos’ wealth was measured at $190.8 billion.

Bezos’ lesser fortune still comes in at 112,235 times that of the median human’s lifetime earnings. Musk's fortune is 129,411 times, a fair bit higher! And Musk really wants his fans to know that he's on top.

In response to a Bezos tweet reminiscing over 90s articles discussing an “inevitable” Amazon crash, Musk posted a second-place medal. Musk's mocking message to the Amazon founder was quickly devoured by his hungry, devoted fanbase.

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The responses

Of course, with any tweet from Elon Musk, the brown-noses follow. Some posted memes about the failings of Bezos’ Blue Origin space company, others posted memes about Bezos’ constant lawsuits. It’s always fun to mock a billionaire.

Inevitably, amid the cryptobros, the weird fans of Elon Musk celebrated the Tesla CEO’s wealth. “The Chad Musk” dominated replies, praising the man for being the richest man in the world while millions go hungry every day. What a fanbase.

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