Elden Ring players have fallen to death over 1 billion times

Elden Ring players witch from the game with a blue hat

Elden Ring players witch from the game with a blue hat

Elden Ring has been lauded as one of the best Souls-like games developed by FromSoftware, with players enamoured with its open-world exploration combined with die-hard combat. So, for its one-year anniversary, Bandai Namco released player stats that show what we've all been up to in the game.

According to the blog post available on the company's website, there have been over 8.9 million player deaths over the course of the year, with 14% of those deaths being from falls alone. That means just over 1 billion player deaths aren't even to enemies, showing just had punishing the game can be.

There have been over 5.9 billion attempts to kill the bosses in the game. Milenia ranks highest among those with 329 million fights under her belt. Margit comes in at a close second with 281 boss fights initiated against the jumpaholic fiend.

While most of us curse the invader that hides behind a wall and backstabs us, evil-doer invasions only make up 12% of total online summons. Shockingly, 88% of total online summons are actually co-operative in nature, with white spirits turning up to help with bosses rather than ruin your day.

Bandai Namco's infographic also shows that Rock Sling is the most popular spell among travellers of the Lands Between, while Blessing of the Erd Tree is everyone's favourite incantation.

Despite being one of the best-selling games of last year, Elden Ring has just been dethroned by Hogwarts Legacy in sales despite the controversy surrounding the wizarding game. Most players, however, failed to finish that game, and stats suggest Elden Ring continues to be the more popular game and is still being played by a significant number of players.

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