Elden Ring DLC teased by game's official Steam page

elden ring dlc teased by games official steam page
Credit: FromSoftware

elden ring dlc teased by games official steam page
Credit: FromSoftware

It looks like we’re getting more hints at Elden Ring DLC coming soon. While no official announcement has been made, dataminers have found some interesting information that could lead to more content.

Elden Ring dataminer Sekiro Dubi revealed that the game’s Steam page was updated, with four store pages seemingly shown. Though the dataminer didn’t outright say this was DLC for the game, they did note that two pages are leading to a 404 message.

A post from the Gaming Leaks subreddit said that the last page update for Elden Ring led to the free coliseum DLC. Fans are speculating that these pages could be a separate DLC page and a “Deluxe Edition” or “Complete Edition” that packs the game with said DLC.

Since this update is similar, there is a very good chance that FromSoftware is preparing some sort of DLC for the game. The developers haven’t commented on the matter, though even they know fans want more of this game. FromSoftware has seemingly been busy with Armored Core, but they could be working on this or have already completed it as the folders suggest.

DLC for the Dark Souls games has proven to be a hit with players. While Dark Souls 2 wasn’t as popular as its predecessor, many did enjoy its Scholar of the First Sin expansion. Both Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne also received similar praise for their DLC, with the latter in particular getting rave reviews.

Only time will tell if we actually get some substantial Elden Ring DLC. Fans seem to like the free Coliseum DLC that makes PVP more interesting but that’s not what they want. Gamers really want new areas with new enemies and new bosses to kill them over and over again.

Elden Ring is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. Unsurprisingly, it won Game of the Year in 2022 and fans can’t wait for the follow-up.

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