First Elden Ring DLC will be far bigger than any Souls expansion yet

insider claims that elden ring dlc will be huge
Credit: FromSoftware

insider claims that elden ring dlc will be huge
Credit: FromSoftware

From Software’s heavily-rumoured Elden Ring expansion is set to give players tonnes of new content. Joining an already bolstering open world, the first Elden Ring DLC is said to be ginormous.

Soulsborne insider Lance McDonald told his followers on Discord (via ) that there is “huge” DLC coming to the game. While he didn’t specify what would make this piece of DLC huge, the insider did say it would be “really big” compared to Dark Souls’ typically constrained expansions.

The interest in Elden Ring DLC is huge, to the point that fake leaks have been making their way around the internet. On the other hand, McDonald has a near-flawless reputation for From Software information, but even he has been wrong on a couple of occasions.

Right now, the only official information we have about the game’s DLC was when Bandai Namco congratulated the RPG for winning Game of the Year in The Game Awards. An email Bandai sent to subscribers promised that “more Elden Ring news” is coming but we haven’t heard from them since.

Elden Ring recently got a free update that added a multiplayer coliseum to the game. Though fans of PVP were satisfied, there are those who are yearning for more areas to explore and bosses to kill, or be killed by. It wouldn’t surprise us if FromSoftware is planning something big for the game since these entries always have worthwhile DLC.

Fans have been consistently impressed by FromSoftware DLC ever since Dark Souls 2 had its Scholar of the First Sin DLC, adding new areas, enemies, and monsters. This tradition has continued with Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, showing just how much Souls fans love these hard RPGs.

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Whether Elden Ring gets DLC or not, fans should definitely give this acclaimed RPG a shot. The game is decently lengthy and has some great boss fights, which are always the highlights. Add the impressive open-world that’s not populated by icons and it’s easy to see why fans love this game.

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