EA’s Iron Man game uses Unreal Engine 5 for a true next-gen experience

ea iron man game will use next-gen unreal engine 5 engine
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

ea iron man game will use next-gen unreal engine 5 engine
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

It looks like EA wants their upcoming Iron Man game to look and feel great, as it will be using Unreal Engine 5. We still haven’t seen too many games use this new, next-gen engine so we’re interested in seeing how this next-gen Marvel title holds up.

A job listing from the company revealed that they’re looking for an audio software developer for this game. The Unreal Engine 5 reveal comes in this listing’s qualifications, showing that this developer will need experience with this software.

Fans figured this would be coming since it was previously stated that EA’s Iron Man game wouldn’t use the Frostbite engine. While it did work for some games, recent EA titles have decided to use different engines, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Since games are getting more intensive, this move makes plenty of sense.

Details on EA’s new Marvel game are pretty slim, aside from the fact that they’re making it. Although we haven’t seen a ton of coverage for the game, we’re sure that this will come to current-gen systems as well as PC.

Previous games based on the Iron Avenger have been pretty bad, though that wasn’t really an engine issue. Fans will remember how the character’s movie-licensed games were rather awful, with poor performance and a repetitive gameplay loop. However, the character did finally receive a brilliant adaptation in the form of Iron Man VR on PSVR and Meta Quest 2.

Iron Man is also a main character in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and Marvel’s Avengers, but these games don’t really make the character unique. Fans can say what they want about Avengers but Iron Man did control pretty well in that game and some of his solo levels were good.

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No release date for EA’s Iron Man game has been announced but Unreal Engine 5 does have us hoping it will be a great time. We just hope that the marketing doesn’t say things like “This game will make you feel like Iron Man.”

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