EA’s Iron Man game will be set in a sprawling open world

ea iron man game will be set in a sprawling open world
Credit: Square Enix

ea iron man game will be set in a sprawling open world
Credit: Square Enix

EA’s upcoming Iron Man video game is set to take place in a huge open-world setting that players will be free to explore, a first for Marvel’s armoured hero.

While that hasn’t been openly stated by EA or EA Motive, a recent job listing hinted at the potential setting for the Iron Avenger.

Stephen Rhodes, the scriptwriter and Narrative Director for EA Motive, posted a job listing for a Senior Writer on the game’s team.

On Twitter, he specifically stated that this would be for the upcoming Iron Man game, so there’s no doubt about that being true.

The mission statement in Motive’s job listing stated that they want a Senior Writer who can make “iconic worlds” where players feel like a hero.

Although the listing claims Iron Man is an action-adventure game, one of the qualifications states “Experience in open world and non-linear dialogue for games.”

If that’s not a giveaway on what kind of genre this game will be, we don’t know what is.

Considering the traversal capabilities that Iron Man has, we wouldn’t be surprised if this does end up being an open-world game.

Playing as Tony Stark and exploring New York sounds like a ton of fun, especially since Marvel’s Spider-Man already proves that formula works.

Granted, we have seen some gamers be exhausted with open-world games as there was a time when that was basically ever AAA game.

While we are still getting more AAA open-world games, like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s always room for more as long as the game is fun.

Iron Man hasn’t had the best luck in solo video games, as he’s mostly been confined to mediocre MCU tie-in games from SEGA.

Marvel’s Avengers did have a decently fun version of Iron Man to explore but he was the least fun character to use due to the game’s emphasis on combat and grinding.

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No release date for EA Motive’s Iron Man game has been revealed but we should be getting details sooner rather than later.

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