EA’s Black Panther is a UE5 open-world game with truly unique gameplay

Black Panther standing in a desert ready to strike

Black Panther standing in a desert ready to strike

New details for Electronic Arts’ upcoming Black Panther video game have released in fresh job listings for the game’s new development studio Cliffhanger Games.

The new job listings confirm more details that were expected from the upcoming release as well as a number of new ideas. For example, the new listings reveal that the game will be powered by Unreal Engine 5, the same as EA’s upcoming Iron Man game.

Discovered by Exputer, EA’s Black Panther game job listings reveal that the game will indeed be an open world game set in the fictional content of Wakanda. Outside of missions, you’ll be able to explore a virtual recreation of the technological surreal country and fight all manner of bad guys as the titular Marvel superhero.

A job listing for the role of Senior Game Designer claims that the game will be set in “a rich and dynamic game world”. The designer will be in charge of the “design and structure of the world… [and] how the world is populated with memorable characters and enemies.”

Headed up by the creator of Monolith’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and its patented Nemesis System, the Black Panther game will include a unique “Open Story” system.

The game’s job listing for a software engineer described the Open Story feature as a collection of interconnected gameplay systems that requires “experience with dynamic narrative, branching dialogue, interactive fiction”.

Following on from the publisher’s success with licensed Star Wars games such as Jedi: Survivor, EA is looking to create even more single-player games based on popular IP. After a decade of scummy multiplayer schemes, EA is finally focusing on becoming a quality publisher again, and it’s certainly working.

EA’s Black Panther game is currently in the earliest stages of development at an all-new game studio. We would expect the title to be at least half a decade away. In fact, Star Wars Jedi 3 will likely release before this.

Nevertheless, we expect Black Panther to release on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC sometime in the next decade or so. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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