Dying Light 2 adds new in-game currency and fans are obviously disgusted

dying light 2 fans hate new in-game currency
Credit: Techland

dying light 2 fans hate new in-game currency
Credit: Techland

Dying Light 2 has introducedits controversial in-game currency and store, angering numerous fans while also breaking promises they made. While adding an in-game store to keep the horror title alive makes some sense, the publisher has overdone it in the eyes of fans.

Fans have been complaining about the inclusion of in-game currency on various social media platforms, including the game’s subreddit. Techland did give all fans who bought the game 500 DL Points, which is what the currency is called, but the cheapest bundle costs 550 points.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it seems that Techland lied about the type of content that can be purchased with DL Points. Originally, the publisher said that only cosmetic items would be purchasable with in-game currency. However, Inferno, a weapon mod that burns enemies, is locked behind these bundles, angering even more fans.

While fans are quick to blame new majority shareholder Tencent for the state of Dying Light 2, dataminers said Techland was planning this beforehand. No matter who is responsible, charging players additional money for a game they already paid for is pretty low.

Fans on Reddit complaining about Dying Light 2's in-game currency.
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Credit: suckashelfboi101

Admittedly, multiplayer is a big component of the horror title, so adding new costumes to increase the replayability makes some sense. However, locking gameplay features behind paywalls is pretty bad, especially since it’s not even part of an expansion or story DLC.

It is sad seeing the open-world sequel sink to new lows like this, especially since fans seem to enjoy the game. Granted, the horror title’s release didn’t set the world on fire but gamers who like parkour and killing zombies were pleased.

More single-player content is planned for Dying Light 2, as Techland did promise to keep updating the game for years to come. Still, in an age where players are growing weary of open-world and live-service titles, fans wouldn’t have minded a finite adventure.

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Dying Light 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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