Detective Pikachu Switch port may not be dead after all

Detective Pikachu Switch port may not be dead after all

Detective Pikachu Switch port may not be dead after all

Beloved Pokémon spin-off Detective Pikachu may finally be coming out on Nintendo Switch. After the reveal of the Detective Pikachu Switch port four years ago, development on the port has been whisper silent.

However, it looks like there may finally be hope on the horizon for fans of the Pokémon spin-off. While unconfirmed, a prominent leaker has teased that the game will be revealed soon.

Renowned Nintendo leaker Pyoro teased fans today with a GIF of the Detective Pikachu character dancing. A clip from the movie adaptation of the original 3DS game, many believe this tease means that the Switch version is just over the horizon.

The Detective Pikachu Switch port has been in development since the early days of the Nintendo Switch. While the port was expected to be released in the first few years of the Switch’s life, the game’s developers have been completely silent on the upcoming release to the point where many thought it was cancelled.

Furthermore, the developers were working on a sequel to the original game. Announced at the same time as the Detective Pikachu Switch port, news on the game has also been silent for a number of years.

The Pokémon spin-off series isn’t only getting a sequel in video game form, but also on film. Since the release of the first film in 2019, fans expected a sequel to be quickly greenlit, but that never happened.

There are still rumblings of a Detective Pikachu 2 movie over at Legendary, alongside its number of other video game movie adaptations. After four years of silence, Legendary has reportedly found a new director for the upcoming sequel.

As far as Pokémon spin-offs go, the Detective Pikachu video game was one of the most anticipated spin-offs the series has ever had. While it was only a modern success, there is hope that the new port and sequel could become even more successful.

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