Delta Emulator is Bringing Nintendo Goodness to Your iPad Soon

delta coming to ipad nintendo emulation
Credit: Riley Testut

delta coming to ipad nintendo emulation
Credit: Riley Testut


  • Delta is finally coming to iPad devices
  • The delay was due to various bugs that needed fixing
  • No release date has been revealed, but it should come out soon

The Delta emulator has seen great success on iPhone and it’s going to be coming out on iPad fairly soon. Many of us assumed that the app was already working on tablets but that wasn’t the case, though that will soon be rectified if things go well.

Riley Testut posted on Threads about the iPad version of this emulator, confirming that it will be coming out soon and this version needed extra time. Apparently, this version of the app had a couple of bugs that needed to be fixed and it looks like they’re almost gone.

Continuing on, the developer said that the iPad version of Delta wasn’t prioritized because they planned to only release it in the EU. Luckily, Apple changed their laws for emulators and the dev will now be able to bring this emulator on the iPad.

Interest in emulation is at an all-time high and this app has definitely helped with that, ensuring that more users will be able to play classic Nintendo games. There are also retro handhelds that give players a more “authentic” experience with buttons and everything, but they can be costly. Since plenty of people have an iPhone or iPad, releasing an emulator there ensures that more people will play these classic games.

Delta has been a major hit with iPhone users, as the app is able to let fans play from the NES up to N64 and even Nintendo DS. Fans hoping for Gamecube and Wii emulation through Dolphin on these systems will be disappointed, as the devs have said that Apple’s laws won't allow it. This is due to the emulator needing access to a system’s code to ensure that games run well, something Apple won’t allow for most apps.

No release date for the iPad version of Delta has been announced, but it should be coming to the App Store sooner or later. Once the app is on iPad, fans should consider getting the Razer Kishi Ultra, which can run on iPhones and iPad systems.

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