The Razer Kishi Ultra is Your Best Friend for iPad Emulation

razer kishi ultra ipad emulation delta
Credit: Razer

razer kishi ultra ipad emulation delta
Credit: Razer


  • The Razer Kishi Ultra is here to enhance your mobile gaming
  • In addition to playing mobile games, it should be great for emulation
  • Delta has ensured that more Nintendo games will be playable on iOS devices

The Razer Kishi Ultra is an amazing accessory for mobile gaming, letting players comfortably play games on their phones or bigger tablets. In addition to playing certain mobile games well, they are going to be great for emulation now that Apple has allowed emulators like the Delta on their app store.

On paper, the Kishi Ultra seems like yet another controller accessory for mobile devices, which there are a ton of. What separates this Razer device from the rest is that it can work on bigger tablets like an iPad, which means a bigger screen and better CPU for games.

Having the Razer Kishi Ultra for games like Genshin Impact is going to be a blast, especially for those who don’t like putting up with touch controls. But with emulators like Delta, this means that this accessory can also be used to play a bunch of retro Nintendo games, including GBA and N64.

Emulation has been through quite the ringer lately, with Yuzu and Citra getting shut down recently, resulting in less Switch and 3DS emulation. The two emulators were supposed to get replacements but that didn’t work out as they were also taken down. Seeing Apple allow these emulators on their store is a huge step in video game preservation and we imagine many mobile gamers are happy over this.

While the Razer Kishi Ultra is going to be great for certain mobile titles, especially those with controller support, we can’t wait to see how this is used for emulation. It’s doubtful that this will be able to keep up with the recent retro handheld boom or even Steam Deck emulation, but this is still a great option for many. Gaming with tablets can also mean better streaming for certain games, especially if they’re done through the Steam Link app.

Fans will be able to pick up the Razer Kishi Ultra today, wherever major gaming accessories are sold. It can run iPhone 15, iPad Mini, Android phones, Android tablets, and much more.

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