Deus Ex, Goldeneye successor Deep State looks ruddy awesome

deep state awesome nostalgic shooter
Credit: Frogman Dev

deep state awesome nostalgic shooter
Credit: Frogman Dev

First-person shooters have evolved a lot in the past couple of years, but fans still have a soft spot for classics like Deus Ex and 007 Goldeneye. Deep State is an upcoming indie FPS that’s inspired by both shooters, giving fans a game that looks like it came from a Windows 98 PC.

Coming from FrogmanDev, Deep State looks like it will be a more grounded shooter with those nostalgic sharp polygons from the ‘90s. Unlike Deus Ex, this shooter will be a bit more realistic, with players fending off terrorists instead of aliens or robots.

With boomer shooters quickly gaining popularity with the PC crowd, this shooter looks like it will be right at home with a ‘90s gamer. Unfortunately, it seems that the shooter still doesn’t have a release window, but that also means additional time for polish and improvements. However, a pre-alpha demo will be coming to this Halloween, so fans have something to look forward to.

Key art for Deep State
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Credit: Frogman Dev

Deep State doesn’t look like it’s going to reinvent the wheel when it comes to first-person shooters, but the nostalgic visuals and solid-looking gameplay are worth keeping tabs on. Now that a pre-alpha demo is coming out, players will be able to give this shooter a shot and see if it’s to their liking.

PC gamers continue to be enamoured with these old-school shooters, hence, the re-emergence of these low-poly FPS titles. It also helps that games like System Shock are getting the remake treatment, even if the game hasn’t come to consoles yet. Night Dive Studios has also made a living of remastering older titles, including hit games from id Software like Quake 4.

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Hopefully, Deep State will offer similar thrills whenever it comes to PC, though it might not be for a while. Since this is an independent shooter, it will probably take a while before getting an official release date. At the least, fans have a cool demo to play while waiting for the actual release.

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