Dead by Daylight gave the Xenomorph Queen a giant ass

Ash from Alien looking at the Dead by Daylight Xenomorph Queen

Ash from Alien looking at the Dead by Daylight Xenomorph Queen

In space, no one can here those cheeks. Asymmetric multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has added the Nostromo and Xenomorph Queen from Alien into its library of horror icons. However, for some reason, they’ve decided to grace the iconic alien horror mother with a rather sizeable back package.

As pointed out on Reddit, Dead by Daylight’s Xenomorph Queen has been gifted the biggest behind in the franchise’s history. Not exactly known for carrying crazy levels of cake, the Xenomorph Queen is a mostly accurate representation of the iconic James Cameron monster.

However, as fans have spotted, the Dead by Daylight artists have added massive buttcheeks to the Xenomorph Queen. In Aliens, and most other official pieces of media, the Queen’s behind is pretty MCU assless. Sorry, fans.

Nevertheless, Dead by Daylight’s Alien DLC is not shy on giving the monster one huge dumper to stomp around the map with. If you can’t find the Alien Queen, just look out for the massive tush on the horizon!

Fans of the franchise were torn on the reveal of the Xenomorph’s giant badonkadonk. While some found the addition of a sizeable flesh moon to be rather funny, others were too interested in the monster’s rear end to be comfortable.

“You know that one scientist in Alien: Resurrection?” one commenter rhetorically asked. “I get it now. I can understand him.”

“They must've used my rule 34 stash as reference by accident,” explained another.

However, on the positive side, fans believe that the Dead by Daylight design of the Queen is more in line with what Xenomorph designer H.R Giger would’ve done with the female alien. With the original design of the Xenomorph designed with sexuality in mind, the sadly deceased artist would’ve likely made the Queen’s behind even bigger.

“Reminder that James Cameron designed the Queen and never even consulted Giger about it. A Giger Queen would definitely have been thick,” explained one commenter. “Honestly, giving the Queen the thiccest thighs fits with the Giger inspiration even more,” said another.

If you wanted the Xenomorph Queen to have a huge booty, you can play the Alien DLC in Dead by Daylight right now on PC and console.

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