Terminator creator James Cameron is terrified of AI

An image of a concerned James Cameron next to an AI robot from Terminator

An image of a concerned James Cameron next to an AI robot from Terminator

Acclaimed film director James Cameron warned humanity against the terrors of AI with 1984’s The Terminator. Now, almost 40 years later, the filmmaker is still terrified of artificial intelligence.

Speaking on the SmartLess podcast, via Unilad, Cameron discussed the ongoing expansion of AI tech. From AI art services such as Midjourney to chatbots like ChatGPT, AI is rapidly expanding into all facets of industry.

Speaking alongside actors Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and more, Cameron revealed that there are positives to AI. However, the director is worried what the future will bring.

“I think A.I. can be great,” Cameron said. “But also it could literally be the end of the world.”

The Avatar director argued that the issue with AI is that is will inevitably be weaponised, saying: “no technology has ever not been weaponised.”

Echoing his 40-year-old Terminator sentiments, the director explained that humanity would not win against a real-life Skynet.

“Do we really want to be fighting something smarter than us that isn't us on our own world?” the director asked. “I don't think so."

Cameron’s worries are not without basis. We’ve already seen weaponised robotics including robot dogs with rocket launchers shown off at military conventions. Furthermore, armies such as the United States are working on Minority Report style AI programs to predict war events before they happen.

The United Nations has attempted to introduce restrictions on artificial intelligence and robotics in warfare. However, countries including the United States and Russia have refused to accept talks to enforce regulations.

In the past couple of years, numerous researchers have come forward to express their worries regarding the future of artificial intelligence. Multiple scientists have stated that humanity would not survive a feature war against a Skynet-style AI.

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