DC’s best writer is joining Marvel for a new movie

Marvel Studios has a knack for poaching talent from rivals, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. In a new act of nabbing the opposition, Marvel has reportedly targeted DC’s best writer for a new project.

Has Marvel grabbed DC‘s best writer?

According to renowned leaker Daniel RPK, Marvel is actively in discussions with DC’s best writer, Damon Lindelof. Reportedly, the discussion revolves around a bold and unique movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lindelof is beloved for his bold, inventive ideas. Originally famous for creating Lost, the writer has also penned one of DC’s best shows ever: Watchmen. However, that’s not the best thing that the writer has ever written.

In fact, Lindelof is responsible for the absurdly brilliant TV show The Leftovers. One of the best shows to release in years, The Leftovers is Lindelof’s best project ever, closely followed by his Watchmen sequel.

Lindelof has proven that he can handle Wild concepts in thoughtful, inventive ways. Well, at least without constant studio meddling; we’re talking about Lost. With this in mind, he should create one of the most exciting Marvel projects yet.

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What will he be making?

According to multiple rumours, Damon Lindelof’s Marvel project will be something very unique. Instead of a movie focusing on a superhero or superhero team, the writer is reportedly making a movie about a villain.

Allegedly, Lindelof is creating a movie entirely about Victor Von Doom. While the villain is rumoured to be the main threat of Fantastic Four, conflicting rumours claim Marvel is keeping him for his own movie.

This is supposedly part of a new initiative by Marvel to make Doctor Doom a more relatable villain, following the success of Thanos. Furthermore, it allows them to properly introduce Doom as the leader of Latveria without issue.

It certainly is a wild idea, and not exactly one that’s easy to believe. However, if it is real, Damon Lindelof will likely do a fantastic job with it.

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