DC reveals animated Injustice movie

DC has announced it is working on an animated Injustice movie, news it revealed in the press release for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two.

The movie is based on the Injustice video games, which is a series of fighting games featururing iconic DC characters.

Mortal Kombat’s developers have historically developed injustice games, NetherRealm. The last game released in the series was Injustice 2 in 2017.

We know nothing else about the movie at this point. However, it’s likely the wider DC universe, much like the games before, will influence it. 


Set in an alternative DC universe, in Injustice The Joker misleads Batman who ends up becoming a dictator. This essentially sets up the entire storyline, creating a Batman vs Superman storyline that pits two of DC’s heaviest hitters against one another.

A cast of heroes and villains including Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Poison join both heroes.

The announced Injustice movie could give us a big screen showdown that’s worthy of DC’s two biggest characters.

Warner Bros. Gaming 

Warner Bros. Gaming was in the news recently after parent company AT&T merged with cable company Discovery for $43 billion. The deal won’t be completed until next year, but the merger casts a shadow of doubt on Warner Bros.’ Gaming Division.

According to reports from Axios, some parts of the team will remain with Warner Bros. while otherwise will move to Discovery. While a different company will probably produce the movie, it does cast a question on whether we can expect another Injustice game.

With an animated movie on the way, it would make sense for Warner Bros. and NetherRealm to release a game in conjunction with it. 

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