The Rock teases Black Adam costume while promoting his energy drink

Superhero movies often teach us that superheroes don't need fancy costumes to be heroic; anyone can wear the mask. On the other hand, superhero costumes are pretty damn neat, and it's always a great moment to see a hero don their iconic costume. With that in mind, we’re all excited to see The Rock suit up for the upcoming Black Adam film.

While we've seen concept art of The Rock in Black Adam's suit, we've yet to see the actor suit up for real. However, thanks to a new Instagram post, we've at least gotten the tiniest tease ahead of the upcoming movie.

The Rock teases his Black Adam costume

In an Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson teased his Black Adam costume. Of course, the superstar actor teased his costume while also promoting his new energy drink. We respect the hustle. In the post, The Rock explained that fans could see a hint of his superhero costume under his cloak. The actor was only wearing the costume as ZOA board meetings take place between filming sessions.

“If you swipe left and ZOOM IN, you’ll see a small piece of my GOLD BLACK ADAM⚡️ peeking out from under my black cloak of secrecy,” the actor wrote. “My weekly board meetings all take place during my 30min breaks from shooting Black Adam.”
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Between filming movies and his intense workout routine, it’s a surprise The Rock has any time for board meetings at all. Nevertheless, the actor is continuing to keep busy during any and all free time he has.

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When can we expect Black Adam?

Black Adam was originally supposed to release on December 22nd, 2021. Unfortunately, the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus pandemic resulted in the movie being delayed. As it stands, Black Adam will now be released on July 29th, 2022.

As a spin-off of Shazam, it’s not quite known how the movie will tie into the lighthearted Zachary Levi series. However, we do know that the film will include one other iconic DC character: Doctor Fate.

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