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DC's next Batman game will be a single-player adventure

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dc next batman game will be a single-player adventure
Credit: Warner Bros. Montreal

Warner Bros. Montreal seems to be working on a new single-player DC game after working on Gotham Knights, presumably a new Batman game. Following on from its recent Bat Family game, it would be somewhat fitting to bring back the Dark Knight for their next title.

A job listing spotted by Twisted Voxel reveals that Warner Bros. Montreal is looking for a Lead Gameplay Programmer to work on this single-player title. The listing asks for experience with Unreal Engine 4 or 5; the former was used to power Gotham Knights.

The possible new Batman game has been in production since December 2022, with Brian Theberge back in a Senior Producer role. Unsurprisingly, Theberge was also Senior Producer on Gotham Knights, the last DC game from the studio.

Despite some initial excitement, Gotham Knights proved to be a disappointment to many. Like many games of its ilk, it ended up being a live-service title forced poorly implemented co-op into single-player mission design.

Prior to working on Gotham Knights, fans associated Warner Bros. Montreal with Batman: Arkham Origins. The prequel game didn’t get the same love as its Rocksteady-developed predecessors, due to a rushed development and litany of bugs. Despite this, fans did enjoy the story of a young Batman and many feel it has the best boss fights in the Arkham franchise.

Although they didn’t work on Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. Montreal did develop the Batgirl DLC for the game. It ended up being the highlight in an underwhelming season pass, as the DLC gave fans a big area to explore and some fun missions to tackle.

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Curious fans willing to overlook the game’s flaws can pick up Gotham Knights now on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Personally, we think fans should check out the Batman Arkham games available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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