Gotham Knights dev Warner Bros Montreal starts new DC game

Batman Arkham Asylum, the starting point of the Gotham Knights game series

Batman Arkham Asylum, the starting point of the Gotham Knights game series

Warner Bros Montreal’s DC action game Gotham Knights is far from perfect. The live-service Arkham RPG has been criticised for failing to understand what made its predecessors truly great.

Nevertheless, it seems that Warner Bros Montreal is already working on a new game for Xbox Series and PS5 consoles. Following Gotham Knights, perhaps this new title will move away from live service shenanigans and be more traditional.

While Rocksteady is hard at work on Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League, WB Montreal could stick to its Batman license. With this in mind, could we see a true continuation of the Batman Arkham storyline? Or will they pivot into Rocksteady’s next success?

As spotted on LinkedIn by Twitter user James Sigfield, the Gotham Knights developer has started early work on its next title. While no details on the title were given, the game is expected to be part of the DC universe, likely a Batman project.

Warner Bros Montreal’s next title will be spearheaded by the same leadership that manager Gotham Knights. That game’s senior producer will keep their position for this new game, hopefully avoiding the last title’s mistakes.

Warner Bros Montreal’s output has been consistently below Rocksteady’s. However, with the case of Gotham Knights, the quality of game could be seen as a result of buckling to publisher demand. With WB Games wanting live service titles, Montreal was likely forced to push the Arkham gameplay into that format, and it didn’t quite work.

We’re hoping that the studio’s next game will be something truly great. If it has to be another live service game, hopefully it’ll be one that doesn’t rely on the Arkham combat system. While great for a single player adventure, it doesn’t gel with RPG elements at all.

Perhaps we could finally see a good Superman game come out of the studio! Now, wouldn’t that be spectacular?

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