Dark Souls Pro Skater lets you grind on rails instead of grinding for souls

dark souls pro skater lets you grind on rails instead of grinding for souls

dark souls pro skater lets you grind on rails instead of grinding for souls

You may have heard about Dark Souls but how about Dark Souls Pro Skater? This hilarious mod lets players skate through some of the game’s infamous areas with their favorite characters from the series. It’s definitely a treat for fans of the series and anyone who enjoys silly things in gaming.

Fans can check out this interesting mod through the TikTok below, which looks like a lot of fun. Seeing Solaire actually get through some of these areas unscathed is nice, considering what happens to the character in the games. He not only praises the sun but can almost reach it with his awesome skateboarding skills.


Shared by user bigceditz, this is obviously a mod for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater that uses assets from the Souls series. We’re sure that players of the series wouldn’t mind trying this out, so they can grind on rails instead of grinding for souls.

Dark Souls Pro Skater isn’t the only mod we’ve seen. Nintendo fans were able to mod Purah from Tears of the Kingdom into the game for the hell of it. We’re sure there are also more of these Pro Skater mods on the net so fans should seek them out.

It’s a shame that Activision Blizzard doesn’t seem too keen on making more of these Tony Hawk games. Even though gamers and critics loved the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake, the folks at Activision still decided to make the devs work on Call of Duty games.

Hopefully, with the release of more experimental games like Crash Team Rumble, the company will be more willing to make these games. Frankly, the skateboarding genre is a pretty dry well in video games right now, with Tony Hawk and Skate being the only major titles that come to mind. With a Skate reboot coming, Activision Blizzard shouldn’t give up on this series.

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Gamers can get the Dark Souls series on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam but this mod is exclusive to PC gamers.

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