Cyberpunk 2077 sequel Project Orion is still in its concept phase

Cyberpunk 2077 2 character V holding a sci-fi pistol in front of a snowy Witcher amulet

Cyberpunk 2077 2 character V holding a sci-fi pistol in front of a snowy Witcher amulet

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Following the release of the original game’s Phantom Liberty expansion, CD Projekt RED has started production on Cyberpunk 2077 2. Tentatively known as Project Orion, the upcoming sequel is still in its conceptual phase.

Revealed in a recent investors call for parent company CD Projekt, the development studio explained that the already-announced sequel is far from ready. Developed alongside the upcoming Witcher sequel, Cyberpunk 2077 2 is still being planned.

Chief Creative Officer Adam Badowski revealed that the Project Orion title is being worked on by the developers behind the recent Phantom Liberty expansion. With the devs responsible for fixing the original game with the recent 2.0 update, the overhauled team is working on the concept of what the sequel should be.

“This project is on a conceptual design level right now, and it’s going to be designed by a team of veterans who were responsible for fine-tuning Cyberpunk 2077 and designing Phantom Liberty,” Badowski told investors.

Badowski revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 2 will be a major worldwide development process. Alongside the main team in Poland, Project Orion will also bring in American and Canadian developers to shape the project.

“We’re going to work out of North America, Vancouver and Boston locations, team leadership are already there,” the COO explained. “And late in 2024, we’re going to work with teams comprising several dozen people, while as a target, half of the developers are going to work out of northern US and the other half out of Poland.”

Cyberpunk 2077 was originally supposed to be a massive project with multiple expansions and a free-to-play multiplayer spin-off. However, due to the game’s poor launch state, Phantom Liberty will be the game’s only expansion.

A sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot to live up to. After the brilliant Edgerunners anime, fans of the series are eager for more, even more so than the Witcher fanbase. Unfortunately, it will be a number of years before any new content releases.

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