Crusader Kings 3 roadmap adds Black Death and other painful goodies

Crusader Kings 3 artwork showing a king suffering from the plague

Paradox Interactive has revealed plans for the Crusader Kings 2024 roadmap, highlighting the new DLC and free updates that fans can expect to experience this year.

As the start of Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 3, Paradox is bringing its A-game once again to the medieval royalty simulator. Consisting of gameplay tweaks and expansions, the new 2024 roadmap introduces a slew of new material to engage with.

First and foremost, fans will be able to experience Crusader Kings 3: Legends of the Dead, a new Core Expansion. While this won’t be as sizable as a major expansion, the Legends of the Dead DLC will allow you to create epic tales surrounding your characters. You’ll either earn them through magnificence on the battlefield, or by paying someone to spread tales about you.

As you earn legendary statuses, you’ll also unlock new abilities. For example, new legendary feasts can be hosted to further spread your tales, and you can even unlock new elite buildings as your fame increases. Furthermore, you’ll be able to hire an official court historian who will commission lavish paintings of your deeds.

Alongside the addition of legendary statuses, the expansion also adds new ways for your characters to kick the bucket. You’ll now be able to contract the Black Death alongside measles, the Bloody Flux and Holy Fire.

Added with these new diseases are new mourning mechanics. If a relative or lover dies from a disease, you’ll be able to perform funeral rites depending on your character’s assigned faith.

Following Legends of the Dead, the Crusader Kings 3: Roads to Power expansion will launch. Focused on the Byzantine Empire, the new major expansion will give players a brand-new administrative government as well as the option to become an adventurer throughout the game’s treacherous world.

The Crusader Kings 3 2024 roadmap also reveals the Wandering Nobles event pack, and the Couture of the Capets cosmetic clothing DLC. The former will add a new Wanderer lifestyle with three lifestyle trees in the form of Surveyor, Wayfarer, and Voyager. Couture of the Capets, on the other hand, is simply a cosmetics DLC filled with French fashions.

Each piece of DLC will be available to purchase separately. However, you can also pick up everything by buying one Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 3 expansion pass for £38.48/$43.98 USD.

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