Paradox Interactive unveils Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 3

Crusader Kings III
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Crusader Kings III
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has just unveiled its ambitious plans for 2024, promising Crusader Kings 3 fans several new and exciting expansions and updates to further enhance their experience with the award-winning grand strategy game set in the medieval era.

The focal point of the February 6 announcement is the long-anticipated Chapter 3 of Crusader Kings 3, introducing two expansions, an event pack, and a free cosmetic clothing add-on for those who pre-purchase the Expansion Pass. Game Director Alex Oltner expressed his excitement, stating, “Chapter 3 promises to be one of the biggest phases in the game’s history.”

The first addition is the Couture of the Capets, a free cosmetic pack that immerses players in the opulence of French royal culture from the 13th century. These cosmetics are available as soon as players purchase Chapter 3, allowing players to style their characters with new outfits inspired by the High Middle Ages.

Crusader Kings III map
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Credit: Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings III is an amazing time

The core expansion, Legends of the Dead will allow players to transform their characters into legendary figures whose feats and status will help preserve their lineage. The expansion introduces Court Chroniclers, enabling players to shape their dynastic legends and build a lasting material legacy. However, the threat of the Black Death looms, adding a layer of complexity to the game.

Roads to Power, another major expansion, puts the Byzantine Empire in the spotlight. Players can rule from Constantinople, experiencing new administrative government forms and Byzantine-themed events. Alternatively, they can live the life of an adventurer for hire, breaking free from the ties to the land.

Wandering Nobles, an event pack building on the travel system, introduces a new Travel Lifestyle and provides new reasons to explore, bringing fresh incidents and stories for those venturing far from their courts.

As you can see, Legends of the Dead is all about the introduction of commissionable family histories, heroic reputations, and legendary playstyles. Players can leverage their legendary status through new decisions and actions, with legendary buildings, feasts, and court chroniclers adding depth to the game.

Chapter 3 for Crusader Kings 3 is available will cost $43.98/£38.48/€43.98. It's set to release on March 4.

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