Crunchyroll app finally lets you stream anime on LG TVs

crunchyroll orange haired anime girl and happy black cat on lg smart tv

crunchyroll orange haired anime girl and happy black cat on lg smart tv

In collaboration with LG TV, Crunchyroll is bringing their app to all the modern LG Smart TVs.

The Crunchyroll app was officially released internationally for all modern LG TVs on 21 February 2024. The official Crunchyroll app is now available for download on the LG TV Content Store in all countries where Crunchyroll and LG Smart TVs are already available. For some reason, this list excludes Brazil, but it will be added later in a future update.

The service has been rolled out internationally and will be supported by all LG TVs with webOS 4.0 and newer software. At an estimate, this means all LG TVs manufactured after 2018 can now download and run the Crunchyroll app.

For those unfamiliar, Crunchyroll is an anime streaming service that allows you to watch anime through officially licensed channels. Viewers who want to support the anime industry and their favourite shows subscribe to Crunchyroll.

It's considered the most prominent anime streaming platform with a library that contains more than 18,000 hours, 46,000 episodes and films, and 3,300 Japanese music videos and concert specials. Furthermore, the Crunchyroll app also comes with extensive subtitle and dub options.

It covers dubs and subs in 12 languages, including English, Spanish (Latin America and Spain/Castilian), Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

Watching anime on your LG Smart TV has never been easier, and you can watch your favourite shows on-demand as soon as they air. This is because Crunchyroll supports simulcasting, where they can legally upload the episode and its official dub only a few hours after the TV airing in Japan.

Besides streaming, Crunchyroll also offers unique promotions, such as events ranging from experiential, theatrical, gaming, merchandise, e-commerce, and much more. That's why it's currently the #1 spot for officially streaming anime across 200 countries, with more than 13 million paying subscribers globally.

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