The LG G4 is fixing the OLED brightness issue

lg g4 oled tv with pink background

lg g4 oled tv with pink background

It's no secret that OLEDs currently dominate the market due to the sharpness of their colours, the contrast, and the significantly better viewing angles. However, one weakness OLEDs have historically always had is the brightness levels being too low, something that the LG G4 OLED TV might be able to fix, and potentially solve this technological problem.

LG showcased its first-ever massive 83-inch OLED TV panel, which also features the brand new MLA, or Micro Lens Array, technology, also known as META 2.0. Compared to last year, the META 2.0 panel is 42% brighter and reaches an impressive peak brightness of 3000 Nits. This makes it 114% brighter than your average OLED TVs, at least according to LG.

Last year, the META 1.0 technology had already brought us a 30% increase in OLED brightness with the LG G3. However, LG has stepped its game up once more this year/ In fact, the peak brightness of the LG G4 competes directly with Samsung's QD-OLED S95D, which also reaches a peak brightness of roughly 3000 Nits.

LG G4 OLED TV showing a yellow supercar on a grey tiled wall
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Both companies have turned up the competition this year. Last year, the ballpark figure they were both competing around was at 2000 Nits. This year, the competition remains cutthroat between LG and Samsung, and we'll have to wait for the TVs to release before declaring a winner.

If you're curious about the MLA technology itself, to put it simply, LG has layered arrays of microscopic lenses on top of the OLED panel's pixels. These lenses are so small that you can fit 5000 of them on top of a single pixel. At least, according to LG.

Those of you who don't want a full 83-inch display will still have other options to choose from if you want to experience LG's MLA technology. These second-generation Meta 2.0 OLED panels will be available in models with the following sizes: 55, 65, 77, and 83-inch.

The LG G4 OLED TV will be released soon and we suggest checking out our breakdown for the rest of its specs. Maybe you'd be more interested in the LG C4 and LG G4 which have ignited a wave of excitement among tech enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. However, if you're in search of a gaming TV, allow us to introduce you to our curated selection of the best 4K 120Hz gaming TVs.

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